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Gyrlfriend Collective LLC

A Full-Service Independent Publishing House


"Time for an intentional shift...Be who I am looking for...My shadow sisters Contortion and Compromise grew up and became Connection and Collaboration."

"Stronger Together" - Laura Rudacille, Co-Author, The Gyrlfriend Code Vol. 1

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The Gyrlfriend Code Vol. 1 is now the #1 Hot New Release in Communication and Social Skills on Amazon! 🔥


"We are never too old to make changes and that includes our perceptions about money and people. Money is a form of currency, a medium of exchange with both sides bringing something to the table that the other walks away with and still feels whole."

"Counting Her Coins" - Maureen Carnakie-Baker,  The Gyrlfriend Code Vol. 1, Visionary Author