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Cynthia A. Fontan

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Cindy graduated from the

Executive Master of Public Administration program at Bernard Baruch College School of Public Affairs in New York City. Then, she completed courses at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York on color theory and style personality and became a Certified Image Consultant and Color Specialist through The Image Builder Academy.


As important as health and self-image are to her livelihood, Cindy underwent bariatric surgery in 2018. She is committed to getting healthy for herself, her family, and her career. Cindy will share her message

of health and confidence in Gyrlfriend Code Volume 2.


Follow Cindy on her journey while enjoying all things fashion, food, and friendship. 

Cynthia A. Fontan, affectionately known as Cindy, is living her dream of becoming an agent for building strong connections among women who want to expand their network and support their personal growth. Together the dynamic trio of Cindy and Gyrlfriend Collective co-founders, Maureen Carnakie - Baker and Dr. Marquita S. Blades, are creating a movement that encourages women to share their experiences by publishing their most profound personal stories. In turn, the women involved in this movement are gaining self-confidence, acknowledging their self-worth, and inspiring others to accept who they are and become better versions of themselves.


Cindy is a visionary author of The Gyrlfriend Code Volume 1, where she makes her literary debut as the author of the Honesty Code. In her chapter, Not Without My Maskara (spelled with a K), Cindy shares her personal story of battling high-functioning depression while hiding it from family and friends for decades.


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