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Dawn Ortiz 


Dawn Ortiz, is a mother, daughter, sister, and aunt. She earned her degrees in psychology and community health at York College while raising her three daughters and working a full-time job. With a conviction and desire to help those in need, she has worked in the health field for over twenty years completing and serving a variety of roles. Overseeing the Trauma and Acute Care Department for Northwell Hospital, Dawn meets and touches many lives with her joyful personality and loving nature. Her wisdom and trust in God helped her through her toughest times. 

Dawn recognizes how far she has grown as a black woman from Brooklyn, New York. It is not only her strength and independence that guides her, but her compassion and discernment which she hopes are traits her daughters will duplicate. As a debut author in The Gyrlfriend CodeTM Volume 1, Dawn shares her story of living through and surviving infidelities within her own relationship. In The Gyrlfriend CodeTM Volume 2, she shares her experiences and resolves to start a new positive chapter of her life at fifty years old hoping to inspire someone on their journey to become stronger and wiser with time. 

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